Standing at the shore of Back Lake in Northern New Hampshire is Spooner Hill. This peaceful and natural place was the site of many of my childhood summers. When it was time for me to name my soap-crafting practice, I wanted to honor this place this brings me joy.

Welcome to Spooner Hill Soap Works!


Creating beautiful soap also brings me joy. I love seeing how people respond to handmade soap. Its only purpose is to cleanse the body and yet soap can be a practical, inexpensive, sensual, temporary art form. Soap is how we keep clean but using soap can be an experience.


My vocation is serving as a Unitarian Universalist minister; Spooner Hill Soap Works is primarily a hobby. I sell at farmer's markets and craft fairs when I have enough ready to share. But if you have something special in mind, I take commissions. With time for soap to cure, almost any kind of soap is possible! Depending on materials, prices range from $4-$7/bar.


For my Unitarian Universalist friends: I make soap with the flaming chalice, a line I call "The Lathering Tradition." If there is an ordination, installation, volunteer event or other special occasion coming up that warrants a thoughtful token gift, this Universalist "wash away your sins and sorrows" soap might be just the unique way to share your gratitude!

Photo of Spooner Hill by Bob Janules