The Lathering Tradition

Lavender Goat Milk Chalice Soaps

Soaps can be made with a variety of bases (water, brewed tea, coffee, goat milk) and an almost-infinite number of scents.

Some scents I enjoy using are:






Orange Blossom


Eucalyptus Spearmint


Have an idea for a soap? Let me know!

I love making custom batches...

Since I do not have a physical shop or a huge inventory, there is no way to order soap on-line.


Just send an email to and we can coordinate production, shipping and ordering!

In harmony with Unitarian Universalist values, I strive to make soaps with simple ingredients that are gentle to the earth. With custom inserts and stamps, these soaps can bear the flaming chalice...the perfect gift for any UU!

Orange Blossom Goat Milk

Chalice Soaps

Ginger Orange Peach Tea Chalice Soap

Coffee Soap with Goat Milk Base 

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